Here are a few pictures of the boys during their trip to Wisconsin (July 14-16). The whole family was supposed to go, but work conflicts kept Tim and I from going. Uncle Kevin and "Ant" Casey took Alex and Chase with them so we wouldn't ALL have to miss out on the fun!

The rodeo was a big hit... especially the "Mutton Bustin'" in which both boys were disappointed to have not been involved. It must have been a long, fun day :)


Bummer of a week...

We found out this week that Pastor Dave is resigning from Calvary. It's been hard to take. I've spent a lot of time in prayer and in tears. This is not something I've ever experienced before. It's just so strange -- like a death almost. I comfort myself with the thought that if God is taking him to a new church, they must need him more than we do!

Also, as the result of a death and upcoming funeral, Tim will be working this weekend and we are not taking our planned trip to Spooner with my family. I'm okay with that... I really want to be in church on Sunday as support for Pastor Dave. It's going to take a lot of getting used to without him there!