Levi's Tree: Then & Now

Just over 4 years ago  I posted this after we bought an Autumn Blaze Maple for our yard.   I love this tree!  It is just beautiful, and has the added beauty of not producing "helicopters" to mess up the yard. ")



We had also trimmed the bushes in the front of the house before we got the tree... you can see they've done well too!  LOL  Take note of the height of the power line (the lowest one) in each of the pictures.  It gives a great reference point to see just how much everything has grown.

I'm hoping planting a placenta under this poor lilac we transplanted from the parsonage in Pillager will perform the same sort of miracle...

This lilac has beautiful DARK purple flowers and was originally taken from my grandpa and grandma Osell's house in Duluth after my grandpa died.  It's never really done all that well in the nearly 2 decades it's been in the yard in Pillager.  It's a fond memory for me of my grandpa, and I'm hoping it survives it's second transplant!  It got a bit mangled on the trip here due to the fact that it was on the trailer as we traveled 70MPH down the highway.  Essentially it withstood hurricane force winds for an hour, so I guess it's not doing too bad.  LOL  I can't wait to see what it looks like next year...

There you have it, Steph. ")  Now I can move on to the 200 other posts that have been piling up in my brain!  LOL