Who I am must be defined by who He is. Yes, I am sinner.  But in Him, because of Him, I am BELOVED.

Pastor Matthew posted this video on his blog today, and I felt I needed to share it here as well.

I also want to add that I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Jason Gray when he performed at Calvary a couple years ago.  I found him to be REAL.  He's a guy who sings what he lives (or lives what he sings?).


Feeling "cooped" up.

The newest chicken. Yesterday I suspected this, but today there is no question. Most of her pox seem to be on her face and scalp (and diaper area). Why they are concentrated on her nose, I'm not sure. Poor thing. LOL  But, don't you just love those bright blue eyes??



 Shi is apparently the biggest chicken in our house (at least for the moment).  After noticing one small spot on Sunday evening, this is what things have progressed to as of 4pm today.  Her belly looks about the same as her back.
She insisted I take this picture of her neck.  You can see some of the worst welts are here.
The other chickens in our house currently are Jericho and (I think) Phoenix.  Time will tell if anyone else becomes a chicken...  And, if you are interested in turning your kids into chickens (it's temporary) then let me know!


What's missing?

5, 6, 7, 9, 10

Notice what's missing?

It would seem we will be taking care of that missing number sometime near the beginning of June next year.