Our newest family member!
Radar is a 3 yr old Terrier mix.  We adopted him today from the City of St. Cloud Animal Control.  So far, so good!  I was a bit worried that the youngest ones - in particular Jericho, Shiloh, and Levi - would be afraid of him.  Not one of them showed any fear at all... and Radar is SUPER with all of them!  Susie is the only one that seems to have issues... ;)  I even managed to get out for a walk with him this evening.  Since I'm currently working on adding more movement to my life, I'm sure Radar will be more than willing to continue helping me out with that. :)

Pic was taken with my phone... I forgot to charge the camera battery the other day, so when that's done I'll get some better pictures!


Easter 2011



12 Hours

It's amazing the difference 12 hours can make...

7:30 A.M.

7:30 P.M.


Taste of Spring!

The weather here is BEAUTIFUL today!  Current temp is 64˚F.  There is a slight breeze, and the skies are blue!  The trees and bushes are loving it too... I'm starting to notice they look "fluffier" as they begin to bud out. :)  We all went out to enjoy the fresh air for a while before lunch.

Shi got out the rollerblades. She was so proud of herself (and did really well!). Not sure why she had the coat on... I think she's having a hard time rewiring her brain for spring. :) She had the hood on until I took the picture and her hair was just drenched because she was so warm... LOL (I did eventually get her to take it off.)
Shi - so proud of her skates :)

I also performed the acrobatic feat of digging the stroller out of the back of the garage. (I won't even take a picture and show you that! Suffice to say it needs a good spring cleaning!! LOL) Phoenix seems to really like the outdoors, and the stroller!  This smiley pic was taken with my phone... not bad!
Happy baby!
After being pushed around the yard for a while by his sisters I noticed he was slumped over sleeping.  Wish I'd had the camera with me then! LOL  I laid the seat back, and he slept like that for another 30 minutes... not bad for a baby that NEVER sleeps on his back! :)

So precious
I am hoping and praying that we don't get the nasty white stuff that's being predicted for the end of the week.  I am READY for true Spring!! :)