Can't believe it's April (almost).  This month, we will celebrate 3 years of Shi being part of our family.  So... she has the honor of being the blog header this month. ")  I, for my part, plan on posting more this month.  It's been awfully quiet 'round the blog these days.  Check back soon!


An explanation...

I'm AM working on the long awaited vacation post.  I think one of the problems I've had with writing the post is the fact that the vacation didn't end on the best note.  As soon as we got home, I got sick, and that was followed by some heartbreaking news.  I've been debating for weeks now about whether or not I'd share the following information on my blog...

Over the course of the week following the trip we learned we'd had a miscarriage.  I had a *faintly* positive hpt.  I began having symptoms of a miscarriage (I won't share ALL the details here) the following day, and the Wednesday after we returned from our trip I went to the clinic for some lab work.  My hCG level was very low, but was elevated above typical non-pregnant levels, and at the low end of the expected level for a 4 week pregnancy.  The Dr. who reviewed the results suggested that I return the following Monday to retest, which I did.  I was saddened when the report came back that my hCG levels were now <1.  This confirmed the miscarriage. I'm thankful for the short time God gave me with that baby, and am looking forward with anticipation to any other blessings He sends our way.

I've closed the comments on this particular post because I don't want or need a lot of "I'm sorry for your loss" comments.  If you're reading this, I'm probably at least somewhat important to you, so I know that you are sorry, and I would appreciate your prayers as we continue to deal in our own private way.  Thank you.



One down, 6 to finish (in this batch *grin*)...

I love the fit around the legs - no gapes!  Though I may still shorten the elastic just a titch.
My less-than-cooperative model. LOL

 Cute little bum ")


Sew What?

When I was a kid and would say, "So what?", my dad would always reply with, "Sew buttons on your underwear!"  Well, no buttons... but snaps are in my future!!

Here's what I've been up to:

It took me two evening to get all these diapers and inserts cut out.  All they need now are 112 snaps, serging/sewing, and a little elastic. ")  Yes, I'm happy to be climbing back on the cloth diaper bandwagon!!

Tonight I'll get some much needed "sewing therapy". Steph and I will be going to Bonnie's house and sewing up a storm. I can't wait!! Just hope my 1/2 bum shoulder will be up to setting those snaps. ")

Keep a look out for photos of the finished product. And, if you know me IRL and see me, you'll get to see them in action on my cute little "model".