New residents (arachnophobe warning!)

We have a couple of new residents on our property. They are orb-weaving spiders. It's been fun to watch as they feed... we catch moths and grasshoppers and toss them in the web. It's amazing how quickly they react, and how fast the "prey" is wrapped up. I've tried to get pictures but they don't turn out that great. I got a semi-decent shot of the smaller of the two. The other is about two to three times larger. The second pic is one I found on the internet that looks like our "pet".


This was supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post...

Obviously, today is Thursday, so I missed the mark. :) But, here's a picture of what I found when I checked on the girls a few hours after they'd been asleep on Tuesday night... It almost looks like she got out (or fell out...) of bed and fell asleep crawling back in. :)


Cut for a Cause

Today I went to Great Clips and had my hair cut. If you donate your hair (at least 10" of healthy hair) you get a free haircut. Here's the before and after: