Phoenix is 5 months!!

 Hard to believe this smiley guy is already 5 months old (yesterday)!  He has been such a joy!!
His hair is coming in nicely... and seems to have a bit of strawberry blond tint. :)

This photo was too cute not to share... even if it is blurry.  He was just so excited he couldn't stop moving!
His new favorite "toy" is his feet.  He will lay and play with them for the longest time!  He's also started rolling.  Last week it was from front to back, and just today he went from back to front several times (of course he always waits until I've turned my back... LOL).
One more pic for good measure. :)  (And, I just realized it's 5 pics for 5 months.)


In honor of mom...

Status updates on Facebook have been encouraging us to post pictures of us with our mom in honor of Mother's Day.  I started looking through pictures and realized the last time my mom and I had our picture taken together (at least with *my* camera) was Mother's Day 2006 -- and it wasn't just the two of us, my brother was in the picture too.  I immediately called my mom, told her of the *problem*, and we decided we'll have to fix that this weekend. ;)  In the meantime, here are two pictures of my mom...
graduation photo

My mom and me (7 mo old)
I love you mom.