You nursing moms know what I'm talking about... my baby slept 10 hrs last night! :) He's usually up every couple hours, and no less than twice. I could get used to this... but I really shouldn't kid myself. ;)



If you have access to a not-quite-night-trained child, might I suggest picking them out of bed, placing them on their feet, steering them to the bathroom, and setting them on the toilet? Truly entertaining. Comes with the added benefit of *usually* avoiding a load of laundry and a bath first thing in the a.m. ;)



Getting serious about prep/organization.



Perfect night for a picnic. Good thing too! The dining table is covered with this years school stuff. Time to get organized!


Shiloh Rides

Shiloh asked me several weeks ago to take off her training wheels.  Then the bike sat.  She would occasionally sit on the seat and try once or twice to get going, and then give up.

Last night after supper Chase came running in shouting, "You need to come see Shiloh!"  He'd worked with her for just a few minutes, and she was riding!  She is so proud. :)

I've been trying all morning to get the video to work, and I'm having issues... YouTube doesn't want to accept it, Blogger indicates it's loaded but then doesn't seem to "take".  So... if I can get the wrinkles ironed out, I'll have a video of her riding.  But, for now, here's a (not so great) picture:



The project for today was a bike rack. All recycled materials, so it was free! A couple of nails to hang helmets and we're all set. :)