How many arrows ARE in a quiver?

Here's the newest "happenings" in my little corner of the world:

Yep... that's right! You are NOT seeing things. Let me just point out (since it actually didn't occur to ME until two people mentioned it... LOL) that the really dark line in the "yes or no" window is the line that would NOT be there if the test were negative. So, I guess that really leaves no doubt!

We are thrilled, but a bit scared. We just know that God will provide all our needs just like he's promised, so we know that even though we live in a tiny, two bedroom house... there will be room enough and resources enough for us. Isn't God great :)

Our new little "arrow" will be arriving in our "quiver" around mid April 2007. Pray with us as this new little life develops. And pray for me as I deal with 4 energetic children, and so called "morning sickness". Let me just tell you (in case you wondered!) that it does NOT only occur in the morning, and whoever named it probably never had it! LOL

Hope all is well in your little corner of the world as well :)