Just one of the many reasons I love kids... :)  Levi has a new pet!  Her name is Dotsy, and she is a 'leggy bug'.  It's been decided that she is a one-ton leggy bug... just look at her size in relation to that dinosaur!! LOL
Dotsy and the dinosaur
Dotsy's closeup


"Where's Jericho?"

That's the question I just asked the other kids. I went looking, and this is what I found...

No one coerced her... she put herself in there. LOL


Sickie Picnic

Since none of the kids are feeling well (fevers, cough, runny noses) they just had toast for breakfast... on a sheet... watching PBS...


It's been what?!?

Three months.  Yes, you heard that right.  It's been three months since our "little" man finally made his grand entrance into this world weighing a whopping 10 lb.  Last check (10 days ago) he was 14 lb. 10 oz.

He is smiley and content most of the time.  Though he does have his moments...

He sleeps well.  Such a blessing after dealing with Shi and Jericho's nighttime issues for the last 3 years!

He's got a bit of a cold and I wasn't able to get a great smile out of him for pictures today.  But he's still cute, don't you think. :)
Phoenix Justice ~ 3 months old



Victory came after lunch and said, "It's a Phoenix carrot and a Kevin carrot!"  (If you know my brother - who is 6' 7" tall - you'll get this one...)
"Kevin"... and "Phoenix"

A few moments later I was treated to this...


Get Real

Usually I try to post the fun stuff here on my blog.  Most of the time.  Today, I'm going to get real.  There are days when I wonder why God called me to be a mom.  And why he called me to be a mom to so many!  Today is one of those days.

Sometimes the repetitiveness gets to me.  The constant crying, whining, and complaining.  We've got our share of it today!  The declarations that "there's nothing to do" and "I'm bored" and all the tattling gets to me.

The baby, who is seemingly only happy when being feed or held.  The kids that don't want to do what they're told.  The arguing.  It's all too much!

The good news is, God DID call me to this job.  And He will give me the strength I need to get through this, and anything else that comes my way.

Would you pray for me today?  Thanks.  I need it!


Not to be left out...

The Mouse and the Cat
a story by Levi

The cat saw the mouse and it looked good. Then the cat tried to get the mouse but the mouse brung his friend seal out and it scared the cat. Then the mouse laughed at the cat. Then the cat said, "That's not funny!" But then the mouse went in his home. And then the cat tried to get the mouse. But then there was a rat friend and he scared the cat because he had sharp teeth like a seal. And then his friend squirrel tiger came out. And then he said, "Hello cat. Hello scardey-cat." "Where are you going scardey-cat?", the rat said.  Then the rat came out again and said, "What are you trying to get?" And then the cat said, "I'm trying to get you!" Then the rat locked the cat in jail. Then the cat said, "Help me out! Help me out!" And then the person came out and saw the mouse and tried to get the mouse. But then the person saw the cat in jail. And then the cat tried to get out of the jail. But he made it out. And the rat had sharp teeth and poked the cat. And then the rat came out and saw another cat. And then he saw his friend mouse in a jail. And then the mouse found a phone in there and said, "Hello! Can you get me out of jail please?" Then he said, "Ooh, awesome, you can?" Then the rat came out and took the mouse out of jail. And then the police looked and the police thought they were going to take the mouse out of jail. And then they all went in their home. And then their home were surrounded by mouse cats. And then he saw a little hole and a white cheese and he ate it up. Then he said, "Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy!" And then he saw a whole bunch of yellow cheese. And then he ate all of them up. And then he said, "Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy!" And then he said, "Look, look! There's a whole bunch of more white cheese!" And then he said to his group, "Let's bring them into our home and eat them all up!" And then they said, "Hey, we could do that! Look at our teeth!" And then the cat said, "Ahhhhh!!"  And then they poked him up. Then they saw a pretty bird and then they said, "Come on! Come on!" And then he said, "Look at what we did!" And he said, "We poked him up!" And then the bird poked him up. Then there was a flood of blood and then they shut their door with the pretty bird in it.

The End


And then...

The Frog and the Fly
a story by Victory Joy

Once upon a time there was a frog. The frog saw a fly and the fly looked good. And the frog ate the fly. And there was another fly. And the frog ate the fly. But the fly tasted bad! So the frog spit it out in a jiffy. And the bee looked yummy. And then the frog saw the bee and then he ate the bee. And then he said, "Um, um, that was yummy!" And then he saw a bird. And then the bird saw the frog and the frog looked good. And then the bird tried to eat the frog but the bird fell into the pond. And then the frog saw another fly. And the he ate it! and when he ate it he says, "Um, um, um... that was DELICIOUS!" And then the frog saw another bumblebee. and then he ate the bumblebee as fast as he could. And when he ate it he said, "Ouch!" and the bee stung his tongue. And then the bee flew away. and then the swarm of bees came chasing after the frog. And the frog said, "Outie, owie, ouch! That hurt!" And he said, "I'm going to leave the pond." The bee flew away. Then all the rest of them flew with it. And then the frog went to his home, into his log.


Better Views

This arrived yesterday...

54" Panasonic
Someday I hope to have a living room wall that fits the t.v. a bit better. :)  But, at least it takes up less room than this monstrosity!

What's really funny is that when I was taking pictures of the new t.v. I had it on before deciding I'd get better pictures if it was off.  The same guy from Cake Boss was on the screen in one of those shots.  Ironic?  It's not even a show I watch that often...

Hmmm.  Now I'm realizing how much cleaner my desk was in that old shot... maybe I should work on that!