Just another Manic Monday

This was supposed to be my Monday post, but things have been a bit hectic around here.  I was also having some issues getting my pictures uploaded... new printer problems.  I've also been keeping Steph's blog updated rather than my own. ") 

Here's what I was wearing on Monday...

 I had a couple people give me a hard time about it... "But, they lost!... Favre lost the game... etc."  Let me tell you, even though they lost, the Vikings (for the most part) played a good, hard game.  As for Favre... I'd like to see you get knocked down as many times as he did and keep getting back up and playing like he did.  And that's all I have to say about that.

Look for my Tuesday post, and my Wordless Wednesday post coming soon.  LOL


For Fun

I don't know who took the following pictures of Jericho, but it was quite the sequence. ") I have an idea it was Chase since he is the one who usually "steals" my camera.

I had a little fun with the last picture really making the colors *pop*. I LOVE the way her eyes look! What a beautiful color!



When I Grow Up...

"I want to play football... for the Twins!"

Levi had me laughing so hard at supper tonight. He was talking about all the vehicles he was going to have when he "gets big". Apparently he's going to need a large garage!! A Corvette, a truck, a van... just to name a few. :) When asked what he wanted to be when he grew up he said "a football player", and when asked which team he would play for he said, "The Twins!!" When I told him the Twins played baseball he said, "Some twins play football!" Alex pointed out he was right and gave the example of Peyton and Eli Manning. ROTFLOL!!!



First Birthday * happy birthday girl!

first time feeding herself from a dish
she didn't eat much, but she didn't make a mess either!



The picture quality is not superb because the lighting was bad and they were taken with my phone, but this ham was too good not to share! ")

This is what I got when I told her to "smile pretty".  LOLOL



Look What I Made

One to show off the ubber cute baby...

And one to show off the sweater I made. ")

I made the sweater over the course of about 5 days using this pattern.  I'm mostly happy with how it turned out, though the sleeves are too long and had to be rolled up (but stay rolled quite nicely), and the body seems too short to me so I'll be adding a few rows to make it longer.  Rather than using the "recommended" yarn, I used a Peaches & Creme 100% cotton yarn.  It's very soft, and seemed to keep J quite warm today.  I made the headband using this pattern (the link to the video tutorial for making a chain-less foundation stitch was very helpful!).  I think I'm going to start working on another sweater for Shi, but I'm not sure. ")  The size I used for this sweater was a *2* so I'm thinking Shi may need a *6* with some modifications to avoid having the neckline too large and the sleeves too long. 

And Chelie?  You just need to call and come over sometime so I can teach you to crochet. ")

Wordless Wednesday


Call of the Wild

I was told I had to take a picture of these wild animals.