Look What I Made

One to show off the ubber cute baby...

And one to show off the sweater I made. ")

I made the sweater over the course of about 5 days using this pattern.  I'm mostly happy with how it turned out, though the sleeves are too long and had to be rolled up (but stay rolled quite nicely), and the body seems too short to me so I'll be adding a few rows to make it longer.  Rather than using the "recommended" yarn, I used a Peaches & Creme 100% cotton yarn.  It's very soft, and seemed to keep J quite warm today.  I made the headband using this pattern (the link to the video tutorial for making a chain-less foundation stitch was very helpful!).  I think I'm going to start working on another sweater for Shi, but I'm not sure. ")  The size I used for this sweater was a *2* so I'm thinking Shi may need a *6* with some modifications to avoid having the neckline too large and the sleeves too long. 

And Chelie?  You just need to call and come over sometime so I can teach you to crochet. ")

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AllyJoy said...

Great job! So cute on her! I think you should go for it for Shi.