What Do We Really Need?

I've been thinking about how to make my small space *larger*. Last week I wrote up a list of what I thought we really needed... especially in regard to clothing, etc. Now I'm sharing it with you, my blog friends, in hopes that you can help me decide if I'm on the right track. Please, post and let me know what you think!

The following is what I typed up for Tim to get his opinion... and now I'm asking for yours.

Here is a run-down of what I feel we really "need" in regard to clothing towels, etc.

Each person should have 2 bath towels and one or two washcloths.
2 towels x 7 people = 14 towels (4 oversize for Tim & Kristin)
1 or 2 washcloths x 7 people = 7 to 14 washcloths

Also, as a household I think we should have about 1/2 dozen each: kitchen towels, dishcloths, hand towels.  One set of nice bathroom towels would be nice for any guests we many have, but is not entirely necessary since we don't really have space for guests. :P

For clothing... well, I guess I really don't know, but definitely a lot less than what we have!!!  So... maybe 3-5 pair of jeans, and 2-3 pair of dressier pants, 5 or 6 t-shirts, dress shirts, and long sleeves.  2 or 3 sweatshirts, 8-10 underwear (except for potty-learning children who need AT LEAST 12), 8-10 pairs of socks, 2-3 pair of play shorts and 1 or 2 dress shorts.  Girls of course need dozens of cute outfits and dresses. =D  These clothing guidelines do not necessarily apply to babies who tend to soil more clothes than the average bear.

When I say that, I think... gosh, that's still (at the very least) TWENTY-ONE jeans, 14 dress pants, 30 t-shirts, etc, 14 sweatshirts, 52 underwear, and 96 socks.

We certainly don't need the 300 coats we have!  One or two coats for winter and spring and another 1 or 2 fall-ish coats per person would be more than adequate.  We do have a washer and dryer for Pete's sake!

So that seems a good start to me...

So, now let me know what you think!  Am I on track?  Am I still using the messed up society we live in as a guide and thinking too big?  As for the coats, keep in mind that we live in MN and it's COLD!  And, when it's not cold it's often wet, so kids stuff gets really messy outdoors :)

I am SOOOO looking forward to creating more space!



Cute Victory Story

The dog needed to go "out", so Victory let him out. When he was done, she let him back in. When she told me the story later she said, "I let Romeo out and I let him back in and I gave him some food and I prayed with him." LOL So, the dog's food was blessed before he ate it tonight :)

Those are the moments when I think, just maybe, I'm doing something right...


Good News!

I don't have a poop story to share! LOL

The boys are doing better with homeschool... We tried a "new" method this week that worked really well. I gave them the day off today. It is after all Spring Break. I figure they could have ONE day off! :)

Tim's niece Jenny moved in with us a week ago. It's going well, and I'm just so proud of the many great changes she's making in her life. Surprisingly, having an extra adult in the house has not made it feel all that much more crowded! The kids may disagree since they are all in one bedroom for the time being, but it's good for them ;)

I have so many thoughts swimming in my head right now. I just don't even know how to put them all into words. So, the list:
God's sadness and Satan's glee

Is your head swimming yet??

I don't know if we have plans for the weekend. Maybe we'll go hang out with the Theis' tonight. That would be lots of fun! Tim has to work tomorrow and Sunday. I don't know for how long, but I'm kind of bummed. I miss him enough during the week when he's working, and to have him gone even partial days on the weekend really throws my whole week :(

If I can gather my thoughts maybe I'll post again this weekend about one or more of the topics that are invading my brain... Hope y'all enjoy your weekend!


Today, for the first time, Shiloh ate

poop. ****HUGE shutter****

*Sigh* I certainly hope it's the last time. And to make matters worse (tho I'm not sure they can be) it wasn't her own. I love my kids, but let me tell you, sometimes I think about trading them in. lol This time it's the 2 year old potty-learner (who obviously missed a lesson!!). He took off his wet/dirty underwear right next to the baby. She of course thought it looked fun to play with. I *thought* I caught her just as she was first touching it, but when I picked her up I realized her lips were brown.

Can I just go hide in a corner and cry now?


Lego heads cause pain.

I know this because I've stepped on my fair share. For some reason kids just don't leave Lego men together.

I also know this because it is one of the items I found in Shiloh's diaper last night. She'd been pretty cranky all day, and I knew she needed to poop. Finally, results! Also found in said diaper -- part of a ladybug, a glob of paper (source unknown) and a small piece something else that I could not identify.

Update on the hives:

I had hives for well over a week, but about the 3rd or 4th day we figured out I have an allergy to cashews. Explains why I never really felt the need to even try them during the first 32 years of my life!