Good News!

I don't have a poop story to share! LOL

The boys are doing better with homeschool... We tried a "new" method this week that worked really well. I gave them the day off today. It is after all Spring Break. I figure they could have ONE day off! :)

Tim's niece Jenny moved in with us a week ago. It's going well, and I'm just so proud of the many great changes she's making in her life. Surprisingly, having an extra adult in the house has not made it feel all that much more crowded! The kids may disagree since they are all in one bedroom for the time being, but it's good for them ;)

I have so many thoughts swimming in my head right now. I just don't even know how to put them all into words. So, the list:
God's sadness and Satan's glee

Is your head swimming yet??

I don't know if we have plans for the weekend. Maybe we'll go hang out with the Theis' tonight. That would be lots of fun! Tim has to work tomorrow and Sunday. I don't know for how long, but I'm kind of bummed. I miss him enough during the week when he's working, and to have him gone even partial days on the weekend really throws my whole week :(

If I can gather my thoughts maybe I'll post again this weekend about one or more of the topics that are invading my brain... Hope y'all enjoy your weekend!


Andrew Clarke said...

I should have made this an email but I couldn't see an address. So, greetings. Our family are also Christians, and we too have five children; and left the number and time of birth in God's hands. I found your blog looking for readers, especially Christians. If you feel like trying some new Christian fiction, may I suggest "Outcasts of Skagaray" to you? For details about it, see www.threeswans.com.au. If you read it I would love to hear your opinion. But whether you do or not, I greet you as fellow believes and wish God's eternal blessings on you all. Amen

Heather said...

Hey dear friend. It's beena while since we've connected. You list sounds like mine.

You need a random thoughts spot...it's amazing at times to see what can come out randomly :)