Sick kids and more

Last night I was up most of the night with a puking child.  Today we have another.  Sadly, I had thought we were in the clear after having three kids get sick overnight Friday night into Saturday morning.  It was not to be so.  Tim and I, thankfully, have been okay so far.  Levi, Alex, and Phoenix haven't yet succumbed.  Shiloh (last night's victim) has been the worst so far.  TJ has thrown up a few times today, but otherwise seems completely fine.  It's very strange...  It also occurred to me that it's really a blessing that he is sick in the daytime hours as this could be much worse in the middle of the night with bedding to deal with and a toddler who can't be left in bed with a bucket "just in case".

Later today I have my 6 week postpartum visit with the doctor.  I am NOT looking forward to heading out in the cold!  What I wouldn't give for a repeat of the temps we had Friday and Saturday!  If that could repeat all winter I'd be quite content. ;)  Thankfully, our house has been staying warm enough (even without the customary plastic on the windows), and I don't have too many places I need to be.  Staying indoors is just fine with me!

Speaking of staying indoors... Sometimes the house begins to feel even tinier when we are ALL stuck inside for days on end.  Thanks to the most popular Christmas gifts (KEVA planks, and Lincoln Logs) it hasn't been quite as bad the last few days.

(Posting these pictures reminds me I need to try to figure out some settings that will allow you to click on the pics to see a larger version... if anyone has any ideas let me know!  I'm posting the pics from my phone, but then editing on the computer.)


Trying to be like daddy

His legs need to grow a bit ;) This pose was even cuter when he had his hands behind his head, but he doesn't stay still for long... lol

She smiles

Six weeks tomorrow and we love these moments!
(Ahh, bummer! I forgot to move this from draft to publish... so, she's 6 weeks today!)


Belated Birthday Date

Victory got her meal out with Dad and Mom today. She chose Fuji. Our hibatchi chef called her "Princess" all through the meal. She brought home enough leftovers for two meals I think -- partially as a result of the chef giving her a triple size portion of rice.


When it Rains...

Tonight we had two liquid incidents within about 20 seconds of each other.  Both were large.  I may or may not have definitely responded inappropriately to one child.  Worst of all?  It wasn't even the one who was responsible for either of the messes.  It was his response to the perpetrators that drove me batty!

Anyway, back to the story... Shiloh was filling her water bottle in the kitchen and decided to wipe the dripping water from the outside of the bottle before screwing on the lid.  Oops.  Water cascaded across the counter and down the front of the cabinets and dishwasher.  In the midst of the cleanup we realized TJ's pajamas were all wet - and he hadn't even been in the kitchen.  Chase had left his can of Mountain Dew on the breakfast bar and while we were all in the kitchen dealing with Shiloh's mess, TJ had climbed the back of the couch and spilled the pop.

I now have one couch cushion cover in the washer and Chase is scrubbing the rear cushions (the stuffing inside the rear cushion doesn't lend itself well to being uncovered.  Gah!) and the floor.

I also have a child who needs an apology. :(  You know how your mom always used to tell you if you didn't have something nice to say you shouldn't say anything at all?  Sigh.  Even as an adult I have a tough time with that one.  Off to make amends...


Merry CHRISTmas

From our family to yours...
Alex (15), Tiberius (18 mo), Levi (8), Chase (14), Phoenix (3), Shiloh (6), Temperance (5 wks), Victory (10), Jericho (4) 


Snowpiles, and snowplows

Last night Grandpa and Grandma took us to Pizza Ranch as an early birthday supper for Victory. Tuesday is 'Kids Eat Free' day at the Ranch, making it a more economical night to visit. :)

When we parked the van there were several large trucks used for clearing/hauling snow in the parking lot. When we left all the trucks were gone, but we saw this:
Shiloh pipes up as she's climbing into her seat with, "The truck is buried in the snow!!" Gave us all a good chuckle. :) The comment also made me wish I'd taken a picture of the trucks as we pulled in! 

In other news, we are enjoying a brief warmup after several days of frigid temps. The kids have enjoyed going out to play. 

Also, I mentioned previously that our house was on the market. Two weeks ago we had a showing which resulted in an offer. It's not ideal, but it's being considered. We've also had two open house's which were a total bust - not even one looker. Today was another showing. It's too early to know anything, but we've been praying for a full price offer. We sure would like to move - sooner than later! Continued prayer for the sale of our home is certainly appreciated. 

Two final items: Temperance is ONE MONTH OLD already!! More on her later... She's very sweet ;) And, Phoenix had a birthday as well. Perhaps one day I'll get that post put together too...


Like Father, Like Son

Yesterday's post inspired today's :)