...And More on Gratitude

While I listed my family, that only scratches the surface.  Each one of them is so uniquely and wonderfully made by our Creator!  Each touches my life in a different way.

So, to Tim, my loving husband...  He grounds me.  He teaches me without even knowing, how to be, how to grow.  I watch him work because I enjoy it.  While I sometimes feel guilty that my own work is left undone, I know he likes having me there.  Someone to talk to when a thought comes.  Someone to help when the need arises.  And in the times we just sit, silent, enjoying one another's company, I know he loves and accepts me.  Warts and all.

And the children love to watch him work as well.
A father, teaching through example.


Gratitude for Gifts Given

I have been given many gifts in this life.  Thanks to the encouragement from a blog I read regularly   I've decided to use my blog as a way to remember and recognize these many gifts.

Today I am grateful for:
*Victory Joy
*Jericho (baby bean)

More details will be forthcoming in future posts. :)

What's In A Name?

We have a name...  I'll tell you, but you are only allowed to make encouraging comments :)

Jericho Faith

How much faith did Joshua have at Jericho?  I can only imagine!  Also, since we've already established the fact that some of my kids and some of Steph's kids are "intended" for one another, I think it would be fitting if we added Joshua and Jericho to that list.  The age difference isn't too much, and it would just be fun to sing "Joshua fit de battle of Jericho..."  :P

There seems to be much more I should be updating about, but I'm going to leave it at this for now.  And speaking of updates... if you've followed Steph's blog at all, but haven't checked recently, go see what's up!

I'll be back to post again soon. I have an appointment with my midwife today.  Can you believe we're at the 25 week point already?!?  Where does the time go!  I hope the remaining 15 weeks of this pregnancy pass as quickly as the first 25!