It's a Fabulous Friday!

It's a great day! Tim had the afternoon off (which I always love!), and later this evening he's taking me out for my birthday dinner at Granite City.

In other great news, I got this fabulous "toy" that I can't wait to start playing with! Tim found it on an online auction and won it for just $12. He said he can smell the bread baking already. ")

Tomorrow I'm getting a visit from my cousin Jenny and her family. Can't wait! The kids (all 11 of them - hers and mine) will have a great time playing. And the adults will have fun visiting! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Wordless Wednesday

Some days are just like this, aren't they?


Wordless Wednesday

I think this photo speaks for itself.
This is an actual flashcard from a set I bought for the kids.
Epic fail!


An Apology

I think most of you know that last week there was an "incident" in our household. Chase (our 10 yr old) ran away. The police were called. He was gone only about an hour and a half, but only by the grace of God. I have a screaming headache today so am in no mood or condition to type up the whole story, but I did want to share this...

In case it's tough to read...
Dear all that prayed

Sorry for running away. Thanks
for praying for me. Sorry for every
thing I did but I won't run away agian.

Yours truly,
Chase Loucks

More on this story later...