It's a must-see!

This literally made me laugh out loud. I'm so glad I have TiVo so I could go back and watch it again! Oh, how I feel what the mom says... LOL


If it's not one thing...

The last week of September I got hives... and they lasted (off and on) for about 3 weeks.  The first week of October I developed a nasty cough.  That lasted about 2 weeks.  Just when I was starting to feel pretty good again I had an attack.  And then, two days later another.  Gall bladder.  At least that's what we suspected.

On Thursday my doctor scheduled me for an ultrasound of my upper right quadrant.  While the techs never say much, this tech was sweet enough to tell me that she did think it looked like there were stones.  A call from my doctor's office today confirmed that fact.  For now, they plan to wait until after baby is here and then perform a follow-up CT.  That is, if the pain doesn't get worse.  If I continue to have attacks I'll have to talk to the surgeon.  I don't know anything for sure, but from what I've been able to find online it seems unlikely they would do surgery at this point in my pregnancy unless it was an emergency (ie. infection of the gall bladder) and at that point it would be an open surgery because the uterus would be in the way to do anything laproscopic.

My midwife has recommended cutting fatty and/or greasy foods from my diet -- in particular animal fats.  So, there goes most of my diet... meat, cheese, milk (ice cream!).  Could be an interesting month around here.  Though, if it ends the attacks I guess it's worth it.  But, seriously, cheese??  I love cheese!  *sob*

I sure would appreciate prayers that the attacks do not continue, and that the following weeks up to delivery pass quickly.