*Small* Group

Tim and I were invited to join a new small group from church. It's great... but not so small! LOL The kids out-number adults by almost 2-1. Last night there were 9 adults (10 when Mitch joined us via web cam), and 16 kids + one still being knit. Chaos was inevitable, but the fellowship -- and the food -- was wonderful. I can't wait to get to know everyone better :)


I just can't believe this!


This is just completely unbelievable! What are these people thinking?? And one of the lines that really got to me was the school board member that said he voted against "because providing birth control is the parents responsibility!!! Are you kidding me? For middle school kids?? Have we just become so complacent as a society that we think it's okay for middle school kids (normally 6th-8th grade, ages 11-14) to be having sex?

I just was so upset by this that I had to rant...


Papa Crackers?

Levi's new thing is coming in the house when we've been out and saying, "Wah nack." Translation for those who don't understand "toddler-ese" -- want snack. Today I gave him graham crackers. He sort of said 'graham cracker', but the next time I said it he said, "baa-pah ga-kuh?"

Since he calls grandpa "baa-pah" it makes since. Gram pa... Gram cracker. Must sound an awful lot alike in his 2-year-old mind! LOL I had to call my dad right away and tell him. So I guess from now on we'll enjoy "papa crackers" :P


Lessons In Life

Why is it that our children are so great at teaching us some of the hard to handle truths about life?

After we went to Sam's Club and picked the boys up from AWANA tonight Tim and I brought in our purchases and Chase was supposed to be keeping Victory and Levi out of the entry. He got in trouble for taking it upon himself to *barely even spank* Victory. When I scolded him for trying to be the parent, he got upset and when I came back in the house with another load, Victory was outside and Levi was just on his way out the door. Apparently, he left his post to pout about the scolding.

After swatting his behind I told him, "When you get mad or upset it is not okay to just walk away from your responsibilities. You just need to suck it up and deal with it!"

Wow... that hurts! Especially when you realize that you are not a great example of what you're trying to teach. How many times have I gotten upset and said, "I'm going outside! I can't deal with this right now!" Of course, when I do that I'm probably saving the life of one of my children... LOL

So, I guess that was my big lesson for today.

I never expected that!

Last night on the way home from Steph's house I almost ran over somebody's pet rat. I'm really not kidding! LOL I turned off on Cypress about a block from her house, and as I was pulling up to the stop sign I saw something running across the street. I thought, "What is that!?" It was a black and white rat. The kind we had as a pet in our 6th grade classroom. So I thought maybe it had escaped from someone's house. But then when I turned the corner I saw a "pet box" - you know, the kind you get at a pet store. I just kept driving. But I really debated turning around and getting the poor thing!

So Steph, if you see a rat at your house today, you know where it came from. :P

Gotta' say, I never expected that!

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