I never expected that!

Last night on the way home from Steph's house I almost ran over somebody's pet rat. I'm really not kidding! LOL I turned off on Cypress about a block from her house, and as I was pulling up to the stop sign I saw something running across the street. I thought, "What is that!?" It was a black and white rat. The kind we had as a pet in our 6th grade classroom. So I thought maybe it had escaped from someone's house. But then when I turned the corner I saw a "pet box" - you know, the kind you get at a pet store. I just kept driving. But I really debated turning around and getting the poor thing!

So Steph, if you see a rat at your house today, you know where it came from. :P

Gotta' say, I never expected that!

Oh, and if you want to see what Steph and I have been working on lately you can check out her store at http://hyenacart.com/PamperedCheeks/. Everything new is just flying off the "shelf"!

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Christine said...

The diapers are just beautiful! I love cloth diapers and only use disposables on long trips far away from home. Keep up the good work!