Delayed response

Last week there were several storms that affected many in our area. So many people lost trees, or had damage to buildings/roofs. We thought we made it through unscathed. 

Yesterday, however, it became apparent that one of our trees didn't quite look right. We noticed a drooping branch. When we woke this morning the tree looked like this:

So, five days after the last bad storm we saw the damage that had been done. That branch on the right used to be tall enough to ride under with the mower...

This evening Tim borrowed his buddy's chainsaw and fixed the problem. Good thing he had so much help. ;)

And, a few more pics - because I can...

As an aside:  In the clean-up process we also discovered we have ash plant bugs (a quick google search for "insects associated with ash trees" provided the answer). The tree has been dropping leaves for a couple years, and just doesn't look completely healthy. We knew there was something going on, but today we actually saw the bugs. The ash plant bug apparently won't kill the tree - just makes it look "unsightly".



6 years 1 month 23 days

That's how old Shiloh was the day she lost her first tooth.


First and Last

Today was TJ's first birthday! I cannot believe he's one!! He's a pretty happy kid. Loves his brothers and sisters, but I think Alex is his favorite. Sometimes sleeps through the night, but just as often is awake once or twice. He's got a great sense of humor, and a belly laugh that's contagious. Happy first birthday, baby!

As for lasts... Chase completed his final math test today. He's glad to he done with his last day of school this year but worried about what he'll do with his time tomorrow. I assured him I have plenty of chores and cleaning to keep him busy. ;)