For Jericho

Here's the project I finished tonight....

I used this free pattern called "Venice".  It was recommended as a good pattern to begin with, and since this was my first time even attempting to do any Swedish Weaving (also known as Huck Embroidery) I figured a beginner pattern was the way to go. ")

Honestly, I had a hard time understanding some of the written instructions for the pattern, but I had no problem looking at the grid and following those directions.  Maybe because my mom taught me how to do counted cross-stitch years ago?

Shiloh has been very attached to the blankets her grandma and great-grandma made for her, and I really wanted to try my hand at the craft.  I'm hoping that Jericho will love her blanket like Shi had loved hers.  Jericho really hasn't latched on to anything to sooth herself, so it would be nice if she had something...  She has a larger one (follow the link to see it), but it lacks the silkies that make some blankets so appealing. ")  Tonight is her first night sleeping with it... we'll see if it's grabbed on the way out of the crib in the a.m.

As for making the blanket, I can't wait to make another!  I started working on it last night around 5pm, and including the binding (which is a PAIN) it was totally complete by about 8pm this evening.  The best part was the cost:  about $3.  I got the Monk's cloth (enough to make 3 more blankets of the same size) with a 40% off coupon at Joann's, the yarn was already in my stash, and the binding was also in my stash - purchased several years ago for another project that never was.


In other news, Tim and I are taking Alex and Chase to the Air Show here in Saint Cloud tomorrow.  Can't wait!!  It's been fun hearing -- and sometimes seeing -- the Blue Angels, and the bombers fly over. ")  Has the kids all excited for the real thing too!

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