Okay, Steph G, once again you've asked for pics, and here they are :)

The first diaper is one I just did the other day... it's a one-size, and is VERY soft and comfy!! For those who are wondering, a one-size diaper will fit baby's from 11lb to 35lb. This diaper fits on Levi (almost 11 mo, 17lb.) and also on Victory (2-1/2, 27lb.). I have enough of the hotwheels fabric left to make another one of these, so I think I might :) I really like the way it turned out! Next one I think I'll get that RED hook and loop from you Steph T! Tim thought that would have been really cute on this diaper :)

The last pic is of one of my first attempts at diaper-making. It is a pocket diaper. The design of this diaper was the result of lots of sewing and testing and changing patterns. I can not take credit for all of this work -- that goes to my friend Steph T. She has links to more information about cloth diapering on her blog. Another great source of information is Diaper Decisions.

I've had a lot of fun with cloth diapering, and I'm really excited about making even more diapers :) I've got fabric for at least three more one-size diapers, and can't wait for the next big sale at JoAnne's so I can get more fabric! LOL

Steph T. makes and sells diapers if anyone is interested :) I'm also willing to make a diaper or two for any friend or family member that would like to try out cloth diapering (I'm not willing to step out there and sew for strangers quite yet!!).

At the risk of embarassing her, I need to give Steph T. big public THANK YOU for all the help with my diapers. She has invested a lot of her time and energy in this for me. I am so grateful for her help -- and for the fact that she doesn't laugh at me (or give up on me!) when I just don't get it!! LOL So...

Hotwheels One-size

Fitted Pocket Diaper

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Whenever Victory Joy has finished something she's been working on (and is particularly proud of) she lets us know by standing up, saying "ta-da!" and clapping :) I'm doing a bit of that for myself tonight...

Here is my "Ta-da!" list for the day. It's much better than a "To Do" list which I would never complete... I can look at it and know that it's done! LOL

*Put a load of clothes in the dryer
*Put a load of clothes in the washer
*Fed the kids breakfast
*Got Alex off to the bus
*Stuffed diapers
*Did flashcards with VJ
*Read with VJ
*Cleaned/organized in VJ/L's room for 30 min (timeout for L's nap)
*Folded 1 load of laundry (BIG load - since I have an HE machine!)
*Watered outside plants
*Swapped laundry/ started new load to wash
*Swapped laundry again!
*Folded 1 load of laundry
*Swapped laundry/ started a load of diapers (I'm using cloth *grin*)
*Folded 1/2 load of laundry
*Peeled, diced, and started potatoes for supper (Tim fried the fish -- YUM!)
*Loaded and ran dishwasher
*Took the clippers to A & C
*Bathed VJ & L, and made sure A & C took showers
*Clipped all the kids nails (80 nails! LOL)
*Finished cleaning VJ & L's room
*Changed VJ & L's bedding
*Vacuumed kids bedrooms
*Helped Tim with 4-wheeler

I also dealt with kids' disagreements, nursed L, and somehow found time to check my email, play with kids, play with the dog, answer the phone, EAT! LOL and "blog". (And, my day is not yet done! Whew!)

Feel free to picture me standing, saying "Ta-da!", and clapping :P


Okay, I know he doesn't have the right "skin tone" LOL but isn't the outfit cute?? Even the drum is from Africa. My Aunt Becky is a missionary in Ethiopia and occasionally sends wonderful things for the kids. This picture was just too adorable not to share :) Posted by Picasa


Dreams of a Simple Life

I wish things could be simple.
In my simple life, I would have less meaningless junk and more time spent with my family and friends.
I would make simple, healthy meals and not worry about whether the kids had clean clothes for tomorrow. I would stay on top of the everyday monotonous things such as laundry and dishes.
I wouldn't worry about what Levi just picked up off the floor and put in his mouth. The only thing it could possibly be is a cracker crumb from earlier in the day.
I wouldn't spend my valuable time sifting through piles wondering "where did I put that!?" Everything would be put in it's own special spot immediately after being used.
I would begin each day in God's Word -- studying His promises. The remainder of my day would be peaceful, even amidst the chaos, because I started it the way I should.
I would end each day in prayer with my husband, rejoicing and praising God for the many blessings I had encountered that day.
That would be my simple life.


Levi's Tree

It wasn't really planned when we got the tree to plant in the yard, but it has now officially become "Levi's Tree". Since he was born at home, the placenta has been double bagged in our freezer. LOL Some people make a ritual out of it, but we simply did it because we needed to get rid of it, and the nutrients are GREAT for the tree! I've been meaning to post this since we planted the tree a couple of weeks ago, but am just now getting around to it. Enjoy the photo! :)

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Big News

Wahoo! Victory Joy is learning to potty on the potty chair! Today will be day five in undies, and she even went to church on Sunday without a diaper... I brought a change of clothes but didn't need them! :) For my brother (who will likely be the only one to get this without thinking for a moment) the #1 (little) is going great, but we're still working on #2 (big). LOLOL

Alex is working on losing another tooth... the thing has been so loose I'm about ready to get the pliers and pull it out myself. LOL He starts Summer School today and was all worried this morning because Daddy didn't come wake him up! I had to explain (again!) that he it wasn't like the regular school year when he got on on the bus at 7:20 -- he didn't have to catch the bus until just after 9:00. He'll be getting up soon to eat and get ready to leave. I've been a bit frustrated because there was no information from the school about what he would need... I don't even know if I'm expected to send him a pencil and notebook! I guess I'll do that and if they need something more they can send a note home :)

Chase must be growing! He has been SO clutsy -- running into things, tripping a lot -- I think he's just getting used to this "new" body. Yesterday he helped me out by scrubbing the kitchen floor. I think it took him about 45 minutes, but I didn't hear even one complaint! It's so nice having the help around the house. I want to make sure that my boys grow up to make some nice girl a great husband :)

Levi has been fighting something, but for the most part is very happy. He loves to be outside! We do have to watch him so he doesn't put rocks and grass in his mouth, but that doesn't happen all that often. Yesterday we took a bike ride to church for a picnic with Daddy. Victory and Levi rode in the "trailer" and did great! Levi only cried once, and I think maybe Victory was picking on him. LOL Won't be long and he'll be getting her back!

Well, I think that's all for now :) If you haven't stopped reading already, have a great week!