Dreams of a Simple Life

I wish things could be simple.
In my simple life, I would have less meaningless junk and more time spent with my family and friends.
I would make simple, healthy meals and not worry about whether the kids had clean clothes for tomorrow. I would stay on top of the everyday monotonous things such as laundry and dishes.
I wouldn't worry about what Levi just picked up off the floor and put in his mouth. The only thing it could possibly be is a cracker crumb from earlier in the day.
I wouldn't spend my valuable time sifting through piles wondering "where did I put that!?" Everything would be put in it's own special spot immediately after being used.
I would begin each day in God's Word -- studying His promises. The remainder of my day would be peaceful, even amidst the chaos, because I started it the way I should.
I would end each day in prayer with my husband, rejoicing and praising God for the many blessings I had encountered that day.
That would be my simple life.


Heather said...

Yea...the simple life. Things wouldn't have to be perfect...just simple. I could go into a lot more here but since it's YOUR blog I won't :) :)

I love the comment on Levi picking up things off the floor. Most times I just *hope* it was a cheerio from an earlier (or yesterday lol) snack!

Can ya send me another link to post? It's at the other job :)

Love ya.

Heather said...

Wanted to try this again! I signed up and wanted to see if it worked!

Love ya!

Hey, let me know your schedule for the weekend of the 24th!