Whenever Victory Joy has finished something she's been working on (and is particularly proud of) she lets us know by standing up, saying "ta-da!" and clapping :) I'm doing a bit of that for myself tonight...

Here is my "Ta-da!" list for the day. It's much better than a "To Do" list which I would never complete... I can look at it and know that it's done! LOL

*Put a load of clothes in the dryer
*Put a load of clothes in the washer
*Fed the kids breakfast
*Got Alex off to the bus
*Stuffed diapers
*Did flashcards with VJ
*Read with VJ
*Cleaned/organized in VJ/L's room for 30 min (timeout for L's nap)
*Folded 1 load of laundry (BIG load - since I have an HE machine!)
*Watered outside plants
*Swapped laundry/ started new load to wash
*Swapped laundry again!
*Folded 1 load of laundry
*Swapped laundry/ started a load of diapers (I'm using cloth *grin*)
*Folded 1/2 load of laundry
*Peeled, diced, and started potatoes for supper (Tim fried the fish -- YUM!)
*Loaded and ran dishwasher
*Took the clippers to A & C
*Bathed VJ & L, and made sure A & C took showers
*Clipped all the kids nails (80 nails! LOL)
*Finished cleaning VJ & L's room
*Changed VJ & L's bedding
*Vacuumed kids bedrooms
*Helped Tim with 4-wheeler

I also dealt with kids' disagreements, nursed L, and somehow found time to check my email, play with kids, play with the dog, answer the phone, EAT! LOL and "blog". (And, my day is not yet done! Whew!)

Feel free to picture me standing, saying "Ta-da!", and clapping :P


Steph and Mitch T said...

Yay!! Good for you!

I don't see any problems with the layout on your blog. Blogger does it to me sometimes, too. :P

Have you done the mugshot madness on CIC??

Heather said...

Ta-da! I LOVE it :) I'd be doing the happy dance for ya but I'm at work. I love those days when you feel like you've accomplished a ton! I always wonder how come I can't do that more often! I swear some days it just doesn't pay to even try :)

Sal and Steph Gonzalez said...

Can't believe how much we do in a day until you see it written out like that. Sorry I have not been here for awhile.

Good to see you at church today.

Love, me

Sal and Steph Gonzalez said...

Lets see a pic of your diapers you are making....