Official Announcement

I imagine most people who read this blog have probably already heard the news, but in case you haven't -- God has blessed us one more time.  We're expecting #9!  I kept intending to post.  Really, I did!  Then it got so late I thought I'd wait until the ultrasound.  It's hard to believe we've passed that 1/2 way point already. (For those viewing the mobile version of this post, you will need to view the web version to watch the videos - at least I did from my phone when I checked it.)

You can see her moving her hands, and also see her tongue move in her mouth. :)

I love the little twitch in her foot... as if she were dreaming?

Temperance Grace (praying fervently that she will live up to her name!) will join our family sometime around my birthday in mid-November.  Interestingly enough, her u/s was on Tim's birthday last week. :)  The kids are all very excited, and most were voting for a girl anyway, so the results were welcomed! Tim and I were especially relieved... we had a girl name chosen, but not even one idea for a boy name. LOL

The little "bubble" above her nose is part of the umbilical cord.

Precious little piggies.

The writing of this post was delayed further as I struggled with balancing our joy with the discovery that my dear friend had once again suffered the loss of a baby.  Last fall the family experienced the loss of twins at about 12 and 16 weeks gestation.  Her current due date was about 10 days after mine, and her ultrasound just two day after mine.  At that u/s they discovered her baby had passed away a few weeks ago.  This news has been devastating for them.  I grieve deeply with their family, and would ask for prayer for them at this time.  This is one of those times when I have to admit to questioning God.  It seems so unfair.  And while I grieve with them, I cannot begin to understand the depth of their grief.  Please, hold them up in prayer when you think of them... not just now, but over the coming difficult months.



We took a spontaneous trip out to the back end of St. John's Arboretum today. Tim saw something interesting along the roadside while completing the 50 mile course for Tour of Saints yesterday. 
Despite the unexpected bloody nose Shi experienced while we walked the arboretum trail it was a fun time. :)