Off to the doctor we go.... AGAIN!

This time, it was for Alex. Oh, wait, I probably didn't mention that I got to go to the clinic on Sunday! My allergies had been pretty bad all last week, and by Saturday I was feeling really crappy. Sunday, I finally gave in and went to see the doctor because it hurt to breathe. Turns out that I have bronchitis. So, it's antibiotics for me...

Friday night I was checking Alex over for ticks... they are REALLY THICK at the river. I noticed a weird spot on his leg but thought maybe it would wash off. It didn't... Grandma Joan was convinced that it was a tick that had burrowed in. We picked and poked at it, but couldn't get anything out. Finally today I took him to the doctor to get it checked out -- better safe than sorry I guess. After a LOT of digging the doc came to the conclusion that it was loose debris of some sort. He used a water pik and got it cleaned out. Finally! No more black spot! Now we just need to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get infected...

They also drew blood to do a titter test for Lyme's. Mothers' Day weekend Alex had a deer tick and on the way to the doctor he was complaining that his knee was hurting for no reason and had been doing so since Saturday (off and on). Apparently in kids, one of the symptoms of Lyme's is arthritis... so, we'll find out in a couple days what the results are on that.

Whew! What a week! and it's only Tuesday.

I'm looking forward to going with Alex on his field trip to the Charles A. Lindbergh Historic Site up in Little Falls tomorrow. I'll have to bring the camera :)

Time to get fixin's together for supper! Tim is grilling and I guess that leaves me in charge of all the other stuff ;)



A Happy Baby Boy... Finally!!

After last weeks fun with all the "barfing" around here, everyone has been a bit cranky... me included! LOL Last night it was great to see that Levi is himself again! He's smiley and goofy, just like his old self.

On Monday I finally took him to the doctor and discovered he had an ear infection. The antibiotics have obviously been doing their job! I also found out he weights all of 16 pounds... Time to start bulking him up! I checked for myself on the growth charts, and to even fall at the 5th percentile he has to gain a pound and a half!

I'm not worried about it -- other than the ear, he's completely healthy, and VERY active! I'm sure that's why he weights as little as he does. Victory was the same way at that age, and now at two she is "just the right size".

I love my kids! :)

Here they are at Easter... couldn't get them all looking the same way at the same time :)

Aren't they adorable?!? :)



My sister :)

So, this is a picture of my sister Sharon with Victory Joy.
Aren't they cute with their matching hairdos? :) Just had to share...
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Combating Mediocrity

Steph T.'s comments about mediocrity got me thinking... maybe the key to combating mediocrity is to stop thinking of our lives (and ourselves) as mediocre! God had a plan when he created us. He knows everything about us -- and loves us anyway! :) I know that He didn't settle for mediocre when He created us.

As a mom, sometimes it's hard to see the importance of what I do... dishes, laundry, diapering, cleaning -- it never ends! Sometimes I get so caught up in the monotony of it all that I forget just how big and important this job is!

So, if we all start viewing ourselves as the exceptional creations we are, then perhaps the things we do will begin to seem a bit less mediocre.


P.S. Hey Steph T. How did you link my blog to my kids names? If I'd known how I would have linked your name with your post about mediocrity so others would know what I was talking about :)


What goes down...

...must come up! Blech!!!

My sister came up to visit and spend the night. We went out to get some stuff at the store and when we got back VJ woke up. (This all started about 11:00pm) She started crying and I knew something wasn't quite right. When I went in to check on her she was sitting in her supper... (I'll just leave it at that since I'm sure you've got the picture!) I grabbed her and put her in the tub while my sister -- who has a squeamish tummy :P stripped the sheets.

In the meantime, Levi woke up and when Sharon went to pick him up she thought he smelled a bit pukey too...

We got VJ changed and in clean jammies -- and then we encountered round TWO!! So, now, almost two hours later, we finally have clean bedding on all the beds, clean jammies on the kids, and they are finally asleep.

Oh, and did I mention that I am also wearing different clothes?? (I was an unsuspecting victim of round two.)

So, I guess I'll be off to bed soon. And tomorrow we'll pray for a good day! Since I spent the day at my friend Steph T's today sewing diapers, I hope that none of her kids (or daycare kids!) get whatever it is that came through here!!! (Sorry Steph!)



The UPS and DOWNS of kids...

Well, actually the DOWN came first... late last week Levi fell down the stairs. I was fixing one baby gate to keep him from eating the dog food (yeah, I know, gross!) and I failed to latch the gate at the top of the stairs. He is usually so clingy to me so I didn't really think he would head for the stairs if I was right there... obviously I was wrong!! Also, the fact the my 6-1/2 year old, Chase, was standing right there made gave me a sense of security.

Lesson learned... a quick trip to the chiro fixed him up, and other than a couple of scrapes and bruises on his face he was non the worse for the wear. He actually looked quite cute with his little bumps, and I'm sure it won't be the last! He is an adventurous one!

Then, the UPS... Victory has discovered that she can climb the front of the dresser (with the drawers CLOSED) and get up on the changing table. I'll need to rethink what I store on the shelf that is on the wall directly above the table!

Earlier today I was standing near the dresser and had to make a quick phone call to the post office. When I got off the phone I started talking to VJ who was sitting right in front of me on the changing table. All of a sudden it occurred to me that I didn't put her there!! I put her down, and she quickly showed me how she had gotten there.

Tonight, about an hour after she was put to bed, I tried to make a phone call from the basement. We have a phone that has two headsets for one system... you can't be on both of the phones at the same time. When I tried to dial it said it was connecting and then informed me the line was unavailable. I realized that I had left the other phone in VJ's room... OOPS! So, I knew she had been playing with it and it was on.

When I got to her door to go in and get the phone I could SMELL the Johnson's Infant Vapo-rub. She had obviously included a trip up the dresser in her pre-sleep adventure! So, the entire bedroom smells like Vick's, and there she is, sound asleep in her bed, with Vapo-rub on the front of her jammies.

I am certain that this will not be the last of my UPS and DOWNS with my four angels :) I'm just so thankful that God has seen fit to bless me with four little hoodlums to keep my life from being too dull :P

That's all for tonight... I'd better get some sleep so I can take whatever tomorrow has to offer!



Fishing.... wire??

So, tonight we got out the fishing poles and were checking to make sure everything was working okay since we didn't get out at all last year. I put a sinker on my line and did a practice cast... I didn't really cast it that hard, but it went up HIGH and when it dropped I was over SEVERAL powerlines near the road in front of the house. It was caught tight! (the line flipped over the bottom set of wires).

I finally walked away, got my cutter out of the tackle box, and went back to snip the line. I thought I'd try just one more time to get the line down and low and behold, it came right off! Yipee! LOL I guess next time I'll go out to the back yard and cast into the field :)

That's all for tonight :)




It's both physical and mental at my house these days. I had the best experience watching my kids wrestle the other night. Even Levi (9 mo.) was getting in on the action! He would crawl over to one of the older kids, get up on his knees, and LUNGE at them :) Then he would "kiss" them on the chin or cheek and giggle hysterically. His kisses are open mouth, tongue out type kisses, and they are the greatest! If he gets you at just the right moment in his breathing, he blows a "raspberry" which he thinks is hilarious!

The mental wrestling just involves my old habits, as well as my desire to completely trust God for all things in my life. I'm am constantly being reminded that I am not in charge here! There were some tears today... but I think I'm better now :)

Levi is currently pulling all the books out of the kid's bookcase here in the dining room/computer room. Of course he hasn't quite caught on the cleaning up after himself yet, so I guess I'd better go and get that taken care of :)

Oops! Sounds like the big boys are fighting too!!

So, there's the fun stuff, and the "gotta' love my life" stuff!!!!



:) Since you asked, Steph...

... here are a couple pictures :) The first one is from Christmas at my parents (2005). The second picture was taken by my SIL the photographer last Fall.

Chase, Levi, Alex & Victory Joy

Chase(5-1/2), Alex(7), Kristin, Victory Joy(1-1/2), Tim & Levi(1 month)

Let the Sonshine in!

When I came upstairs this morning and saw the sun streaming through the windows and blue skies above, I started singing this song from my childhood...

So let the sonshine in.
Face it with a grin.
Smilers never lose,
and frowners never win.
So let the sonshine in.
Face it with a grin.
Open up your heart
and let the sonshine in.
There is definitely a grin on my face today! I feel like I could handle anything thrown my way... and it seems the babies are testing that theory! LOL
May God's love shine in and through all of us today!


Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

It's been raining now for WAY TOO LONG! I need sunshine! I need to be outside! I need the CHILDREN to be outside!! LOL

Living in a SMALL house with 4 kids, a dog, and a husband is interesting ALL THE TIME, but when it rains, and you are STUCK INSIDE it gets downright -- well, insane...

Today, I'd finally had enough. I took a break. I went to Walmart and bought a couple patterns and some cute (cheap!) material to make VJ (my 28 mo. old dd) a couple of outfits. When I came home I was in a much saner mood :)

So, now I guess I need to get a corner cleared out somewhere so I can set up my sewing machine and leave it set up! Don't know yet exactly where that will be, but I'll figure it out... even if I have to hide away in my laundry room...

I need to get something set up anyway so when the rest of my supplies arrive I can get right to work on sewing my diapers!

Gotta' go and get something done... it is just so nice and QUIET here now since all the "hoodlums" are in bed for the night :) Even the dog is leaving me alone for the time being...

It's supposed to be sunny tomorrow... I hope those forecasters know what they are talking about!! LOL