It's both physical and mental at my house these days. I had the best experience watching my kids wrestle the other night. Even Levi (9 mo.) was getting in on the action! He would crawl over to one of the older kids, get up on his knees, and LUNGE at them :) Then he would "kiss" them on the chin or cheek and giggle hysterically. His kisses are open mouth, tongue out type kisses, and they are the greatest! If he gets you at just the right moment in his breathing, he blows a "raspberry" which he thinks is hilarious!

The mental wrestling just involves my old habits, as well as my desire to completely trust God for all things in my life. I'm am constantly being reminded that I am not in charge here! There were some tears today... but I think I'm better now :)

Levi is currently pulling all the books out of the kid's bookcase here in the dining room/computer room. Of course he hasn't quite caught on the cleaning up after himself yet, so I guess I'd better go and get that taken care of :)

Oops! Sounds like the big boys are fighting too!!

So, there's the fun stuff, and the "gotta' love my life" stuff!!!!


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