Things heard in my house lately.

"I dot it, mom" -- Levi's response when I gave the kids the 'bedtime speech'.  Followed almost immediately by him breaking both the 'no talking' rule and the 'stay in bed' rule.

"Cry in your own room!!" -- Victory's command to Levi when he went to her room after being disciplined for play at the table and spilling two cups of juice.

"That is just so...  not right!"  -- Tim and me in response to the news that a few of our friends have recently lost their jobs under really bad circumstances.

Okay, I'd give you more, but I have to change Shi's diaper and get out the door for the LAST DAY OF VBS!!!  YIPPEE!!!


I post because I must

There are many things I need to post about -- like our vacation, and the stuff we'll be involved in during the next few weeks, and my kids, and just random stuff on my mind.  But, now is not the time.  I've got screaming babies that are just being naughty, and older kids that STILL have not finished school.  So, off I go to do my motherly duties, but I WILL be back to blog sometime soon...