I post because I must

There are many things I need to post about -- like our vacation, and the stuff we'll be involved in during the next few weeks, and my kids, and just random stuff on my mind.  But, now is not the time.  I've got screaming babies that are just being naughty, and older kids that STILL have not finished school.  So, off I go to do my motherly duties, but I WILL be back to blog sometime soon...


Anonymous said...

That's funny cuz I was just thinking "What's Kristin up to these days?" And if you wait till the motherly duties are done to blog again I'm afraid I won't hear from you for eighteen more years at the very least. Hope things are not all too bad and that your vacation was enough rest to be able to deal with the trial times

Heather said...

Oh crumb...I was all excited to hear about all the fun and exciting things you are up to!

Heather said...

Ok...it's almost been a week :) I need an update! Ya know, since I can never talk to you on the phone long enough to get the full update.


PS...I updated mine.