"I'm a very good cooker!"

"Mama, this is going to be the best supper ever!" I believe it just might be. After all, she is the self-proclaimed "very best cooker". ;)



We were leaving the house last week and Jericho wasn't wearing socks. Her buddy, Alex said she'd been wearing them earlier so I asked her, "Where did you take your socks off?"

She looked at me like I'd lost my mind and replied, "Off mine feet!!"

I still giggle every time I think of it. :) (And, yes, we're still working on pronoun usage. *grin*)



Happy 2nd birthday to my (not so) baby boy!

He weighs about 27 lbs.
He sucks his fingers (same ones I did as a child) nearly all the time.
He drinks independently from a cup.
His laugh is a deep-down belly laugh.
He doesn't talk much, but we've begun noticing more and more words in the last week or two.

Love you, little boy!!


Change of tune

And now it becomes, "All I want for Christmas is my three front teeth." :) When Levi knocked his two front teeth out last week, his two incisors were also loosened. The dentist said it was okay for him to go ahead and wiggle the loosest one out. Tonight we finally got it. The tooth fairy is going to go broke at this rate! LOL As a side-note, Levi asked tonight if I was the tooth fairy. I asked if he thought I was... he's not sure. ;)



Today was blessedly uneventful. After everything that happened this week it was a welcomed change. ;)


All he wants for Christmas

There was an "incident" yesterday...

I overslept (second time this week!!) but managed to get out of the house with TJ and get him to the clinic in time for his 9am well-child appointment just 23 minutes after I flew out of bed. While I was at the clinic I got a text with a photo from Tim.

Poor Levi slipped on a piece of paper on the kitchen floor and did a face-plant.

Those two front teeth were already loose, but a trip to the dentist eased my mind (there are two more teeth which are loose now but weren't before the fall).

He's also looking much better today! His lip is still a bit bruised and swollen. He's got a sense of humor about it though. He keeps making fun of his own lisp. ;)

So the story goes

Apparently their mother told them they had to wear short sleeves, but the kid in orange did not. :)

Drawing courtesy of Shiloh, age 5 1/2.


Helmet Needed

It's been a rough week for one little boy. Yesterday he fell off the table and cracked the back of his noggin. Today's oops was a bit more noticeable...