I already know who will be the future spouses of at least 3 of my kids. What!?  You think I'm kidding?? LOL  Well, I thought I knew... but I guess these things don't always turn out exactly like we plan.

Case in point -- I overheard a conversation between Caleb and Eden today at Steph's. (I didn't hear the entire thing, but it went something like this...)

C: "How old do you think [Shiloh] will be when I'm grown up?"
E: explains that S is 6 years younger and will still be that much younger when C is older
C: "Well, I think I want to marry her when I grow up."
E: "You can't, she's going to marry Malachi!"

Hehe :D It's true! Victory will marry Zeke, Malachi will marry Shi, and one of the boys will marry Eden...

Okay, so I realize that is probably NOT going to happen that way, but it's a fun thought. I can't think of anyone else I'd want more for a M.I.L. for my kids than Steph :) Of course, that means that Mitch would be their F.I.L. ... yikes!! =S (Just kidding, Mitch. You're not THAT bad! LOL)

In all seriousness, Mitch and Steph have a wonderful family, and I know their kids are being raised to love the Lord.  That's most important... and someday, their kids will make wonderful, Godly spouses.  Whether or not they are my kids spouses is something only God knows. :)

Malachi & Shiloh


Zeke & Victory Joy
(Okay, seriously... I'd have the cutest, blondest, most curly-headed grandkids ever!  LOL)


Steph T said...

I couldn't help but notice what an adorable diaper Shi is wearing!! :)

Seriously, it's a very cute post! :)

Unknown said...

If the babies married, they'd be "Chi & Shi"... now that's cute!

Anonymous said...

And maybe a splash of red! Mandy