It's getting to be that time of year...  I've ordered most of our homeschool materials for the coming year and I'm working on getting everything in order.  I'd love to start as soon as possible!  But, before I do, I want to make sure I've got my ducks in a row - so to speak.

This year we are using a curriculum called Tapestry of Grace.  I'm excited to use something that is completely integrated with Biblical knowledge!  While the AOP LifePacs we used last year were certainly Christian based, TOG uses the Bible as the background for all studies (linking history and geography to the Bible being of utmost importance).

One of the great benefits for me, as "teacher", is that this curriculum can be used across the board.  That means, even when Victory starts full time next year, I won't have to buy separate teachers manuals for each student.  I teach them all from one book and simply make their assignments suitable to their age/learning level.  I'm starting out easy this year by doing pretty much the same thing with Alex and Chase.  Next year, when I'm more comfortable with the curriculum, I'll add Victory... and in succeeding years, the other kids.

I reviewed some of the information we'll be covering in the first weeks with Alex, and he is VERY excited to get to work!  I hope and pray that excitement carries through the entire year.

Even Victory gets in on the action this year.  Although she won't turn 5 until December, she is very excited to "do school".  Almost every day last year she insisted that she needed to do her "homework".  It was great :)  This year I'm starting her in the same Math curriculum the boys are using.  They have a pre-K/4 yr old program that will be a great stepping stone to getting fully involved in hs next year.

So, while "back-to-school" looks a bit different in our home than in many others, it's still an exciting time!  And, I don't have to worry about new clothes for the kids, or backpacks, or figuring out the bus schedules.  Yippee!  :)

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Candace said...

AND......you don't have to worry about packing those school lunches! ;-)

You'll love TOG!

Have a great school year!