Get Real

Usually I try to post the fun stuff here on my blog.  Most of the time.  Today, I'm going to get real.  There are days when I wonder why God called me to be a mom.  And why he called me to be a mom to so many!  Today is one of those days.

Sometimes the repetitiveness gets to me.  The constant crying, whining, and complaining.  We've got our share of it today!  The declarations that "there's nothing to do" and "I'm bored" and all the tattling gets to me.

The baby, who is seemingly only happy when being feed or held.  The kids that don't want to do what they're told.  The arguing.  It's all too much!

The good news is, God DID call me to this job.  And He will give me the strength I need to get through this, and anything else that comes my way.

Would you pray for me today?  Thanks.  I need it!


Heather said...

Ahh my friend..I think it's an age old question that gets asked thousands of times a day. God DID call you to do the job...He knows it won't be easy but knows you're the right one for it.

You'll get through the day :) Sending you cyber hugs and real prayers!

I think the getting stuck inside is getting to everyone..Andy's been a pill too.

Maybe take a break from all your doing and do something totally out of the ordinary with them all..put on your fave dancing music and burn off the restlesness?

If nothing else, the uplifting music will do YOU good and you can consider it excersize :) LOL Love you.

In high hopes, Mari H. said...

I too am a mom and believe me it can be difficult to bare with so many lil ones around. I believe taking that moment to stop and rest is important in our lives. As moms we need to be alert and on the go constantly, but once the kids are settled and there is peace and quite time use it for prayer, reading the bible or napping.

The Lord says we need to come to the living water and replenish, we can find rest in him. That means moms too.

Prayers, and a smile coming your way. Hebrews 4:9,10