Projects and new skills

I promised a long time ago that I'd be posting pictures of the diapers I'd sewn for Levi. So, here they are... There was one more, but it must have been "used" already :P

As for new skills... I have been taught in the past how to knit, but it never really "stuck". My friend Steph sent me a link to a website that has videos and instructions for learning the basics of knitting. I did it! lol Here's my first little project.

It's a baby bib, and far from perfect, but the further I went the better it got :) So, now I'd like to get more yarn and some larger needles... The needles I have are a 6, so when the pattern said 25 stitches, I had to do 40. With larger needles I'll be able to do the projects faster as well :)
That's it for now... just wanted to share!


Steph and Mitch T said...

Fun! I think you are already faster than me! =P I would like to have more sets of needles as well. Too bad I didn't have the forsight to buy them when they were half off at Joann's recently...

Heather said...

Wow....I can crochet a single line quite well. It's the rest of it that doesn't go so well!
Sorry we didn't connect when I was down there...one of these days it will work out!