366 Days

First hours
Today is the first day of Phoenix's second year.  I can't believe how quickly time has flown by!  I say that with every child, but it really never ceases to amaze just how fleeting it all is!!

At ONE Phoenix is becoming quite the ham.  He seems to enjoy teasing others (and the response he gets from that teasing!).  He pulls his sisters hair, and smacks his brothers. If you ask him to give you something, he will hold it out and pull it away just as you reach for it.  This is usually followed by his silly little giggle, or at least his classic grin...

He's still not sleeping through the night... most of the time.  Every few weeks he will bless us with one sold stretch from 11pm-7am.  I'll take more of those, please!  He takes one nap late in the morning that usually lasts about 1 1/2 - 2 hrs.

Phoenix eats like a horse!  For supper last night he consumed a jar of meat mixed with a jar of veggies and some baby cereal, a jar of fruit, most of a scrambled egg, and some shredded cheese.  After that little feast, he also nursed.  The boy also likes to share food off my plate, eats crackers, and is in general starting to eat more table food.  If he could just grow some teeth, his diet could expand even more! LOL

Strangely, his weight is not reflecting his food consumption... at WIC yesterday he was down 2 lb. from his 9mo weight of 20lb. 7oz.  At the clinic today for his well-child check he was only 18lb. 2oz. Now, in the last two months he's had a cold, the chicken pox, and a puke virus.  He's also much more active.  All these things probably contribute to the weight situation...  I'll bring him in next month when Victory and Jericho have their well-child appointments and just have him weighed to make sure he's gaining, but right now the doctor is not concerned.  She feels he's just settling in to a more "normal" curve for himself after starting out so big.  And, as long as the rest of his development is right on, and he gains weight over the next few months, all is right in his world. :)

I mentioned his love of smacking his brothers.  He also has found an interest in the household pets... we are trying to teach him to be gentle. ;)  Radar (the dog) is very tolerant.   If he gets bothered, he'll simply get up and move.  Susie (the cat) tends to sit and take it for a bit - tail twitching all the time - and then smack him on the head with a paw. ;)  Unfortunately, she needs her nails trimmed, and last week she got him across the cheek.  All better now, but he looked pretty rough for a day or two.

His other fun experience this week was learning about electricity.  He is forever playing with the phone charger when it's plugged in... yesterday, it bit back.  But, it must not have been too traumatic since he was back to playing with it again within an hour.  Stinker!

While he walks around furniture, he doesn't seem to have any interest in actually walking.  Even trying to get him to walk with hands held doesn't seem to be his cup of tea.  I'm okay with that!  That boy gets in enough trouble as it is! ;)

I am looking forward to what this coming year will bring.  He will change and grow so much!  What fun. :)  So much to look forward to!

Phoenix Justice
@ 9 1/2 months

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