Birthday Date

We did something different for Shiloh than we've done in the past with our other kids.  We took her on a date to a place of her choice for her birthday supper.  After supper, we went shopping and let her pick out a few things for gifts. :)  She had fun, we had fun!  We think we'll probably make this some kind of birthday tradition for all the kids.  It's nice to have one-on-one time with them.
Heading out for our "date".
Space Aliens!
Too Cute :)
Alien Ears.  Yum!
Another bite
"Posing" for the camera.  I was *trying* to get candid shots... LOL  After every shot she did she would say, "Let me see!", and then laugh at herself. :)
The gifts she chose (some with more influencing suggestion than others *grin*) included a bike helmet, Angry Birds stickers and t-shirt, plastic golf bag and clubs, and a real shovel (to use in the sandbox).

All-in-all, a good night!

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Gayle said...

A special day for a special little girl!
Gayle from Behind the Gate