Victory Joy

My mother reminded me yesterday that I hadn't posted about Victory's birthday.  Between kids being gone so Tim and I could have an anniversary "get-away" at home, Christmas, and sick kids, I've gotten a bit behind.  So, here goes...

A week and a half ago this lovely lady turned nine... my how time flies!  (I know, I say that all the time, but it's true!!)
Victory and Grandpa Osell
Victory Joy - 5mo
We celebrated her special day a bit early with dinner out to Olive Garden (her restaurant of choice for her b-day date with mom and dad) and a trip to Walmart to pick out some gifts.  She got several things for her hair, a mini Webkins, and a book.  Sadly, I forgot to take any pictures of the event.  (In fact, I forgot my phone/camera at home!)

On her birthday, Grandpa and Grandma Osell came and took us all out to Chuck E. Cheese.  The kids all enjoy playing the arcade games and getting tickets which the b-day kid then gets to cash in.  She got several cheap little things which have all about reached their life limit.  LOL  Everyone had a blast!

I made her cake... she informed Tim shortly before her birthday that "Mom's donut cakes are the best!" :)
"Donut Cake"
(confetti cake mix with vanilla frosting and pastel sprinkles)
**At nine, Victory is beginning to read quite well (she's been a "late-bloomer" in the reading department, but is genuinely beginning to enjoy it and often amazes me with the words she can figure out).**
**This year she plans to begin her first Bible reading plan with Grandma.**  
**She loves all things pink.**  
**And if you can combine pink with a Lego, even better! ;)** 
**She can be quite dramatic (I'm told she takes after someone else in the family -- I am certain the people that say this are referring to her father.  LOL).**  
**She is quite slim but her legs are long which makes finding pants a bit interesting - even with an adjustable waistband they are huge in the waist!**

Ok, mom, I got the birthday post done. Thanks for the nudge! I'll try not to be so delayed with Jericho's upcoming day. ;)  Perhaps I should try to post about Christmas too?  *sigh* All the good intentions in the world...  I guess this sign I saw the other day pretty much sums it up:
...but don't hold your breath ;)

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AlyssaJoy said...

What a beautiful girl - inside and out! This was a great post capturing "her" right now. I love the picture with Grandpa too.