Kids... What are they thinking?!?

First of all, I just want to say how great it was to see my kids take the "secular" piece of Easter and bring it into the spiritual realm. Chase (age 6-1/2) took one of his chocolate bunnies and poked a hole in it and then informed his brother that it was hollow because that was just like the tomb :)

But, just so I don't get feeling too great about how well I'm doing as a parent, they have to go and do something... shall we say... crazy? Tim and I took the opportunity to go on a brief date this afternoon while one of the neighbor girls watched the kids. We got home and when I asked how everything went she said it was good -- "except for the boys getting naked". WHAT??!!?? Are these MY kids she's talking about???

It turns out they thought it would be "funny" if they pulled their pants down around their ankles for a while... Guess what? Mom and Dad weren't all that amused!! So, we had to have a long talk about what's okay and what's not. They were pretty much confined to their room the rest of the afternoon to come up with a new game plan for the future. There are things that I expect to have to discuss with my kids, but I have to say, this is not a discussion I thought I would have!

Talk about keeping you from feeling too great in and of yourself! That's what God's there for... to help us deal with the times we are just not sure what to do! And, you love your kids anyway... even if you don't understand them.

Hope you all had a great Resurrection Sunday!!



Anonymous said...

Oh my...the things I have to look forward to! And AJ already LOVES to be nekkid!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

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