I love babies!

I was so incredibly blessed to be in attendance while my friend Steph T delivered baby #6. It was the first delivery I'd ever seen. She did so great! I think she may be my new hero :P Congrats Steph!

On the home front, things are going well. Shiloh is a bit colicky, but wonderful none the less. It is hard to believe how quickly the time goes! She was 6 weeks old on Thursday and when they checked her weight at WIC she was 10#3oz. I really need to get the pictures downloaded from my camera so I can post a few!

Well, that's it for now... Just had to share the new Baby Story :)

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Steph T said...

Aaaccckkk!!! I tried to leave a comment and google hiccupped on me! I don't want to write it all out again...arghh.

Anyways, I said something about how I share your "I love babies" sentiment. It is so wonderful to hold Malachi and cherish him.

Oh, and I said something about how nice it was to be able to "show off" for everyone...LOL. =)