"God's Gift of Abundant Blessings From Above"

Delivered at home...

April 19, 2007 ~ 3:01am

7lb. 12oz. ~ 19.5in.
Shiloh truly is a gift from God. Her middle name, Rayne (pronounced "rain"), is in honor of her Great-Grandma Mabel who passed away last year. Gram always prayed God's blessing on you before she said goodbye. Before she passed away I was able to tell her that we were expecting a new baby. She talked about it regularly, according to my aunts, and just before she died she told my Aunt Becky that since she couldn't stay around to meet this new one, she might as well go home. To her, "home" was in heaven with Jesus. And I know that she is smiling down on this little life that carries a name in her honor.


Anonymous said...

She is just beautiful! Congrats!!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful little one. Your entry made me teary eyed. Gram is surely smiling down on her.

Grandma never knew about Andy but there are times I just feel her and Grandpa smiling down on him.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

well now, i guess we have another contest on hair growing rates....congratulations you guys.
We'all Love you'all!