Crazy life...

I really DO want to blog more often. And there are so many times when I come up with a great title and compose a good portion of the blog in my head. But then I don't take the time to sit down and write...

This week has been CRAZY! I guess it all really started last week. Victory had her first day of preschool (and has had four days total now). She is just SO excited about it! I have to remind her on the non-school days that she doesn't get to go... she's just always wanting to get ready and get to school! lol Hopefully that carries out into elementary. :)

Last Thursday I got a call from the school nurse that Chase had a temp over 102. Tim went and picked him (and Alex) up so he didn't have to ride the bus home. He was home all day Friday and slept most of the day. Saturday he was doing much better. On Monday, he fell asleep on the bus coming home. How do you do that on a bus full of noisy kids?! (Guess that should have been a clue something was NOT right! LOL) Tuesday he came home and took a nap. Wednesday he did the same thing, and Tim made a comment about "he doesn't have mono does he?" His glands were still really swollen so I decided to take him in. Turns out he has strep. And yesterday VJ had a sore throat and when I looked, sure enough, there were the swollen tonsils and white spots. :( I had also had VJ to the Dr on Wed am for her preschool physical, so when I went to pick up her prescription last night it was my 3rd trip to the clinic in less than 36 hours.

Last night, Levi started coughing after he fell asleep. Around midnight he woke up and was coughing and having a hard time breathing. It was so humid that I just went for a walk with him outside. He did better, but I took him in this pm just to be sure. He fell asleep in my arms. His ears were red, and the Dr decided not to wake him up to check his throat. She figured between the red ears and the exposure to strep he'd better just be on abx. So... now I have 3 bottles of abx in my fridge and am administering a total of 7 doses daily for 3 kids. Ughh! As if there aren't enough things to remember!!

On the up side... When I was out walking last night I met some "neighbors" that I had never met before. They have a 3-1/2 yr old boy, and twin 11mo old girls. She's been looking for playmates in the area, and also for a MOMS group to attend. Well, wouldn't you know, I could help her with both! LOL So having a sick kid worked out kind of nice in that aspect :)

I could go on and on, but I'll save it for another post/another day. I'm hoping that I can make this my new "habit" to replace some other less productive habits! And I'd like to be a bit more entertaining... lol I'll have to work on that. You'd never believe some of the very funny things my kids say and do on a regular basis!

Until next time...

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CamsShel said...

I so totally understand! You are doing better than I in the blogging department. At least you have one each month...I went five months without even one post. My mom and a friend kept asking when I was going to add something. :o)

We dealt with strep a couple years ago--All of mine were treated for it (seven at the time). My husband got me a bubble machine to keep them busy while I went through the 30 minute routine of medicating everyone. It was great! (and it got the kitchen floor washed every single day for 6 weeks) ;o)

Michelle in OK
(who grabbed your bloglink off the QFdigest)