Great word, isn't it? (I always did love science stuff.) Turns out that 1 in 20 kids who have mono also have strep. Wouldn't you know, my kids would be in that 5%. lol So far, Chase is the only one actually exhibiting signs of mono, but I suppose the others could have it as well.

Now I get to worry about things like -- what if the rest of us get it? what if his spleen is enlarged and ruptures? what if he's so tired he can't function in school for more than a week? His teacher is sending his math and reading home so he won't get too behind in that. I guess it will be a little *crash course* in homeschooling for me. :P

Anyone who wants to pray for his quick recovery, I won't object! lol And I don't even want to think about what would happen to our household if I got mono... I think I'm *behind* already, so I won't let my thoughts dwell in that place.

Oooh... I just remembered I need to give Chase his mid-day dose of abx! Better go do that before I forget again. LOL We did have good news at the Dr. His strep test came back negative, so the abx are doing their job.

Off to be mom again...

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Steph T said...

Hey there! For the spleen stuff, I understand the fear of having a ruptured spleen! :) I endured most of my childhood with an enlarged spleen. I loved to tell the little boys, "Don't hit me too hard, I could die!" LOL...I was such a dramatic nerd. =P I have hereditary spherocytosis, and I'm just waiting for one of my kids to come up with it. At any rate, I relished in the extra attention it brought, though I'm sure my parents could have lived without all the drama. As rusty as my memory is, I have a few memories of the days of doctor visits and tests. Including the one where the doctor proudly announced that my spleen was finally a normal size. LOL...I was probably a twinge disappointed!

=) Steph