While I've alluded to our quiverfull conviction previously, I have never really taken the time to explain what it is or why we believe as we do.  The easiest way to explain the "what" is to say that we do not use any form of birth control or practice NFP.  In simple terms, we don't prevent pregnancy, and we don't "try" to get pregnant.  We believe that God's will for our childbearing (if/when/how many) is not meant for us to try to control.

I need to qualify this by saying that we have not always believed this way.  However, through much prayer Tim and I came to the conviction that this was the best plan for us -- God's plan.

One reason we no longer use birth control (in particular the pill or and IUD and other similar hormonal methods) is because they are proven abortifacients.   If I am willing to use one of these methods in an attempt to control if/when I have children, can I call myself pro-life?  I don't think so.

The Bible says that children are a blessing.  I for one do not want to turn away any blessing the Lord chooses to bestow upon me!  No matter the world's view of my situation, God truly does know best.  He sees the *big picture*, and I know that I can rely fully on him to provide my needs, be it money or food or shelter or any other material thing.

Making the choice to allow God full control in this area of our lives has been very freeing!  We never again need to worry about whether or not we are making the right decision regarding when to have another child.  It has also been convicting -- if I can trust God fully in this area, why do I have such a hard time fully releasing other areas of my life to his hands?

One question we hear often (actually, it's a statement disguised as a question) is "You're not going to have more, are you?"  And now you know the answer!

If you have more questions about what I believe and why, you can ask... or you can check out some of the other sites listed in the Quiverfull Blog Roll (see sidebar).  Or, read your Bible :)  The answers are all there.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for posting this and welcome to the blogroll!

helpmeetintraining said...

Welcome to the blogroll.

I wish doctors were atleast required to inform women that those types of birth control are abortificants. The women I have told about it are usually completely shocked.

Kristin said...

I had NO idea about this until about a year and a half ago. It makes me so sad to think that I was so deceived! I was on "the pill" and also had an IUD at one point.

I would love to have some sort of class at my church that covered some of these topics, but am not sure I'm capable...

Candace said...

Bravo!!! I learned much about varying forms of birth control about eight years ago when I became a counselor at the Agape Pregnancy Help Center. My husband and I had already banned birth control by then, but I didn't know how many of them were abortifacients at the time!

Thanks for sharing!

Steph and Mitch T said...

Great job! =)

jkb said...