Increasing Sin

If I've recognized the problem (which I have as supported by my previous blog) and continue on the same path (the one that is fraught with a lack of motivation and little to no action) then is the sin increased?  I believe I AM sinning if I am not living my life in the way in which God intended.  I believe he wants me to be the maker of my  home, primary caregiver to my children, and a devoted, submissive help mate to my husband.  If I am failing in any of these callings, then I am sinning.

And so I go humbly to the feet of God, each and every day.  I beg, I plead, sometimes I cry.  And the next day goes on as the one before.  This is beginning to feel like a bit of a pity party.  And so the guilt increases.

I know I am not accountable to any of you... I am accountable to God.  It is his view, his opinion of me that matters.  I know that he loves me, even when I fail.  But how great would it be to succeed!  To live up to the expectations of my creator.

And now I will attempt to pull myself up out of the mire I've made and get to finding that other path!

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Chloe said...

I've definitely had days like this! When I'm tired and exhausted, it's very difficult to get motivated. If we think of each other, we can pray and lift each other up!

Any sunshine out there yet?