details... and a short story

Candace asked for details, so here they are :)  I am about 6 weeks along. So far, I'm not feeling sick, so that's great! Every morning, and every night I pray that God will spare me from the nausea and vomiting... Any prayers any of you want to offer up are okay with me too! :)

We are all very excited about the new baby. Thrilled really. Oh, and Angie? Yes, we are trying to keep up with the Theis', but Mitch says he might just have to do something about that. LOL And Steph says it's twins! Guess we'll just have to wait and see what God has in store for all of us ;)

As for the short story... I'm still breastfeeding Shiloh.  She is often a little acrobat, and today was "standing" on my lap in an inverted "V".  I yelled at the boys to grab me a Kleenex because I thought her nose was about ready to drip on my arm.  Turns out it was just milk... LOL  Apparently when you drink *upside-down* milk will come out of your nose.  HA!

I'm off to take a personality test...  Have a great weekend!

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Candace said...

Thanks for the details! I'm so excited for you and will be praying for continued wellness! No nausea allowed! ;-)

God is good!