And it starts

As of yesterday afternoon/evening, the hormones involved with being pregnant finally caught up to me.  I've been tired for the last few weeks, but now I'm also sick.  Not really sick... just a constant feeling of not feeling well.  I'm having a hard time with anything liquid -- even water doesn't sit too well on my tummy.  I'm trying lots of remedies -- taking ginger, adding lemon to my water, watering down juice.

In other news, a bird did a fly-by of the house yesterday.  The bathroom window was open, and the top of my toilet tank and seat were splattered.  Lovely.  When I first saw it I thought maybe Tim had an episode with the sprayer we use on dirty diapers.  I think I would have been more okay with that than the truth.  *shudder*  At least (as Tim so kindly pointed out) no one was sitting on the toilet at the time!! *BIG shudder*

Off I go to try to keep myself hydrated.


Courtney said...

Sorry to here the yucks have set in, Kristin!

And the bird.... that's just disgusting.

With you mentioning both those things in one post made me picture you throwing up and having that stuff come flying at the back of your head. Oh yes, it coulda been worse!

Candace said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you're feeling icky! I know the feeling. It's so frustrating when you even have trouble drinking WATER! It's amazing though, how God gives us the grace and desire to keep doing this over and over. It's a blessing!

Will be praying for good days ahead!