My Ant Died

Now, before you get all worried and sad, that wasn't a misprint...  LOL  Levi has a great fascination with ants.  The small annoying ones.  The ones that love the crumbs that have fallen on my desk.  So far, it's not an infestation, but every once in a while one pops up.  Levi has me catch them and put them in his hand.  Then he watches them run around until he loses them, or accidentally squishes them.  He looked at me after he lost the last one and said, "Mom, yo' an' die."

Okay, and on another note, it suddenly got dark and the wind is really whipping here!  Think I'll head off to check the weather report.


Heather said...

ROTFL! Amidst stupid people calls that can't undstand WHY they don't have power. 46 mph wind gusts just MIGHT have something to do with it.

Andy tripped on an ant up at the cabin.

There was a bunch of ant hills at the bottom of the steps. I had been telling him to be careful to not step on them as I didn't want him to get bitten. He came off the step and stumbled pretty much to his knees. I asked if he was ok. He said "yea...i tripped on the ant".


Steph and Mitch T said...

LOL...I thought for a minute you might be making fun of the shred of southern dialect I have left...of course, that's me being self-centered again! ;)

Dawn said...

LOL...too cute!!!

I laughed at Heather's comment too as I can picture my own hubby doing and saying the same thing...lol.

You have a super blessed weekend!


Candace said...

Very cute!

How are ya feeling these days? Any better?