Gratitude (updated)

I've fallen behind on sharing my gratitude.  Not only on my blog, but in my *real* life too.  One blog I read for it's uplifting and heart-touching and push-to-soul-searching entries led me to another blog today with a post about *baditude*.  Wow.

Certainly I am guilty of baditude.  And on an almost daily basis.  And so, today my gratitude is for friends and family that love me and accept me -- right along with that baditude.  Apologies to those who see my batitude more than my gratitude.  My closest friends, my immediate family.  These are the ones who deserve my gratitude more than any other.

More than any but Christ.  And He certainly sees my baditude more than anyone.  Shame.  For the one that deserves it least to see it most.  And yet I am forgiven, and loved deeply and without condition.

edited to say (after a few hours with my parents this afternoon):
I am eternally grateful for the wonderful parents God gave me.  And when I said gave - I guess he really gave me to them.  I was adopted at the age of 4-1/2 months.  They were childless for 11 years until they found me.  I can only pray that as my children age I will be able to serve them with the same selflessness my parents have shown.

They give so much -- their time, their finances, their lives -- to my family, to their church family, and so many others. (If you follow the link, click photos and check out the couple in the second row of pictures, that's my mom and dad.  He's been the pastor at FBC for 30 years, but will be retiring from the ministry at the end of this year.)  Never do they expect anything in return.  I guess that's how you live a life of gratitude.  Thank you God for giving me my mom and dad.  Thank you mom and dad for giving of yourselves.

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stefanie said...

Thanks for linking to my little blog. I was humbled that so many people would visit. I'm grateful that you found some encouragement there.

So glad you are capturing your moments when you can. Your family, this life, our God is so beautiful.

Off to check out 'Moms for Modesty'; I have teenagers!