Politics (**shudder**)

I very seldom discuss politics, and I don't follow them at all.  When it comes time to vote, I vote based on the candidate that most closely matches my stance on the *big* issues.  Who did I vote for tonight?  McCain.  Coleman.  Bachmann.

Then, my husband got me hooked on "watching" the race.  And now I'm anxiously awaiting the results of the on-the-fence states -- Virginia, Indiana, North Carolina (among others).

Poor Alex couldn't fall asleep because he heard somewhere (and we've discussed politics -- at his urging -- several times over the last week or two) that if Obama gets elected, the war will come here.  And he's my worrier.  So, I don't know what I'm going to do with him in the morning if I have to tell him Obama won!  

Actually, I do... we'll pray.  While we look from a human perspective and have an idea of who the *right* candidate is, the wrong person will not be elected!  GOD IS IN CONTROL.  No matter the outcome of this election, he already knew.  And whatever the outcome, HIS plan WILL be accomplished.

And maybe if it gets too bad, I'll just pack up and move to Canada...


Heather said...

**shudder** is right. I was quite disappointed when D told me the outcome. It's scary for a lot of reasons but yea...God has it all planned out.

sure wish we lived closer...we're way over due for a nice long chat.

Teresa said...

You can come visit me for tea:)
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada!

Kristin said...

Thanks Teresa :) But I'm not much of a tea drinker... do you happen to have any hot chocolate?? :)

Steph and Mitch T said...

I'm coming too! I have lots of hot chocolate we can take with us. We'll be there soon...LOL. :)

Tandy and Jeff said...

Hey, my husband says that too - that with Obama we're on course for a civil war.
I know God has a plan, but sometimes it's hard to accept!